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Mission Statement: Helping families in finding closure. Wilderness Search Investigations (WSI) helps families of missing hikers with continuing the investigation and search in a professional and organized manner after official efforts have been suspended at no charge.

Services provided: WSI investigates each case for any existing search information that were performed prior to starting our process. We plan searches using our Lead Tracker that is a certified tracker trainer, Lead Ground Searcher who is certified in SAR Management and Search Theory along with the use of Drone Search Operators.

Qualifications: The executive director has 15 years experience in Search and Rescue with additional certification training in Search and Rescue Management and Search Theory. During the 15 years, worked as a Team Leader for the Operations Support Unit performing search planning for each mission along with other duties such as mapping, communications and documentation as needed. Revived and led the mountain bike team and was the treasurer for many years for the Operations Support Unit.

Our Lead Tracker has 15 plus years of experience in Search and Rescue and is a Certified Tracker Trainer.

For further information or joining our search team, please send your qualifications to info@wsiint.org

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Address: 6126 202nd Street SW #101 Lynnwood, WA 98036
Phone: 425.678.5788
Email: info@wsiint.org